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DEBT Collection

I am looking for first hand experience on how much extra would be added to a recovery of $2200.
This is unexpected, it is possible i will be able to pay within a month.
Obviously the debt collection agency will add their fee.
Phone lines don’t open until Monday, google is not helping me


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No you are not responsible for any fees unless it was in a contract with the person you owe the money to. If they take you to court they can sue you for the legal costs, but that's very unlikely with the amount owed.

You don't have to pay any extras they add on. They can't legally enforce it. Also if they have purchased the debt from the original creditor be sure to ask for the paperwork regarding the purchase and what they paid for it. Don't pay a cent more than they paid for it! You will find it is a significant amount less than the original $2200. Most likely scenario is they will not provide the information and the debt will magically be cleared or they will offer you a one off chance to pay a much smaller sum and clear the debt. Debt collectors are notorious, vile bullies. Don't let them scare you into anything with threats. They won't take you to court over $2200 and nobody goes to prison for their debts.

 You do have to pay the full amount, they will have paid less than than the $2200 but you will have to pay all of it but definitely not any more. Don't let them bully you, you won't go to prison. Get their email address and contact them that way and set up a payment plan. Be firm and say email is my preferred contact if they call and don't open the door if you don't know who the person is. They can get in a lot of trouble for harassment so email is the best way to deal with them as they can't make ridiculous threats. Make regular payments and they will usually leave you alone.
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It will be a few hundred but if you work with them and can possibly make a lump sum payment (even if it’s only part) then they’ll maybe even lower it to remove any fees you’ve received.

I think if the debt has gone to a collection agency the original person it was owed to has actually sold it cheap to the agency, so they will make their fee from that monetary difference.
Those agencies are usually pretty reasonable, and it should be easy to make arrangements for regular payments to clear it.

OP Yeah I am more concerned about what will get added on to it
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yes i take people to court for anything over $200. yes I add fees, interest and filing charges. yes it is written on the invoice, and quote that the person accepts when giving the go ahead on a job. it usually is 10-15% extra for a debt collector to chase you, that is added on. if the debt collector can't get the money for me, its straight to court, so it stays on your file for 7 years.
talk to who you owe money, and borrow money from some where to pay them off fast.

 Ok Poppy.
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OP Borrow money from where exactly?
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 It's just a troll, that's not how it works.
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 You are a v
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borrow from nimble, anywhere, fast loans. start budgeting.......

OP I budget, i don’t have this money sitting in savings right now. I already have it down to $1200.
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Nimble, any fast cash loans, personal loan from a bank,sell something to a pawn shop. Anyone can borrow money fast up to $5000.

 My goodness don't do this!! It will cost twice as much. Just contact the agency and go on a payment plan.
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OP That is hilarious to consider a fast loan which would result in ridiculous interest
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