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Why would a child rape victim want to talk with their rapist?

This woman had 6 children, 1st 2 from her husband, next Joe smoes, last 3 from her husband's son from another mother. Remind you most marriage she's sleeping with both husband and son. Confuses the children being open with them. So husband dies, she's still sleeping with son finds another man, brings in the 6 children's lives. Now middle child says son from another mother raped her. He's sitting in prison. And she texts me, I'm oldest sister from another mother. Not sons mother. Saying she wants my brother from another mother address and phone number so she talk with him. Mind you she's 16 now. And no I did not give it to her. I just need advice.. without involving my family. Cause no-one believed her.


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Some form of closure perhaps ? To de-monsterize the person from their memory to help them move forward and cope. Not 100% sure but feel as though this could be a reason

 To forgive him? Seek an admission or apology

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I was abused by relatives and non relatives. The non relatives I dread being face to face with them ever again. I'd be happy f they just dropped dead.

The relatives, it's been swept under the rug. Never been mentioned. But I would like to discuss it to get closure. The relatives are very confusing. They are family, they're not supposed to do that. I'd like to know their motives so I can understand it in my own mind. Was it just opportunity? Did they genuinely not care if they hurt me? Were they just that horny they just couldn't control themselves? Was it premeditated?
I'd like answers so I can understand how and why that happened to me.

In my father's case, he had a very complicated relationship with his rapist who was also his father. Unbelievably, while hating him and what he had done, he also wanted a father and felt a parent bond with him.
It was a source of great confusion and shame to him. He never stopped talking to his father, despite what he had done.

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