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If you were 80 would you buy new lounge suite if you were well off ?

My in laws don’t want to replace their 40 year old uncomfortable lounge cause they think it’s waste of money
They complain their back hurts
Not many people visit cause the lounge suite is uncomfortable


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Yes, I would. Even if I might die soon, I still want nice comfortable things in my home!

My Nana is 89 and replaces her furniture every other year she's not well off, just on pension. But I don't care what she buys at this point, so long as she's happy

 ^You sound like a wonderful granddaughter 💜
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If I was 80 and well off, I would spend my money on whatever the *%# I wanted.

 Don’t you want to be comfortable or have visitors?
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 I never want visitors.
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Yeah ok admin. You’ve deleted two of my comments now yet leave the nasty troll ones. So you’re encouraging bullying. Do you feel proud? I’ll sit and wait for this to be deleted now.

May be they don't want to have visitors over...

 I said this...then admin deleted it.
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 I think they're deleting whole threads or something if it's getting nasty.
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 They want visitors
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My nan was like this and she would be in her 80s now if she was still alive. Mostly is was about saving money and not wanting to be wasteful. She got to a point where she no longer viewed the money as hers and it was difficult to get her to spend anything that would make her own life easier or more comfortable.

 It’s usually family members that make older people feel that way
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Their backs probably hurt because they are 80 years old and their bodies are getting worn! I'm pretty sure every 80 year old I meet has bad back

 This is why you should have comfortable lounge
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