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What's a good brand? Any recommendations on one's That Won't Leave a gross after taste? Thanks!!


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A very well respected Dr said to me that vitamins are just make expensive pee. They dont work. You are better off with getting advice about a good well rounded diet to replenish your vitamins. Anyway thats just my thought!!

OP Thankyou for your opinion, maybe I'll do some research :) x
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 My doctor also advised me not to waste money on vitamins!
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OP Thank you!
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 I just did a free online food and nutrition course and they said the same thing about vitamins. Basically better to eat in season fresh fruit and Veg and a good variety and you wont need vitamins.
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What kind of vitamins fo you want to take? Maybe you'd be better off going to see your dr for a blood test to see if you low in any types of vitamins or just try eating a more balanced diet. Unless you know you are low in a particular vitiamin i think they are a waste of money

OP I just want to feel fresher. I am always so tired. Ive had all bloods done (yes including iron) and there is nothing wrong. My 4yo has arthritis so sleep isn't very good and I was hoping there would be something that might help me feel less tired.
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 Spiralina for tiredness
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 I was constantly fatigued. I was taking iron tablets but then researched adrenal fatigue. Anyway when you have it you don't always absorb vitamins naturally. Vitamin B will help. I've been taking Berocca (high in vitamin b and Magnesium) and a multivitamin and actually feel refreshed again.
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Google melaleuca vitamins with Oligo technology to increase absorption

Take no notice of doctors who tell you vitamins are a waste of money. Of course they are going to say that, because they aren't going to make any money out of the sale, they only want to prescribe drugs as the medical fraternity are strictly controlled by the Pharmacutical Industry. I believe Blackmores is a reasonably good company, as well as Natures Own, to name just a couple.

 That’s right. Give your money to Big Vitamin not Big Pharma. 🙄. What you really need to do is follow the advice of your doctor.

Many doctors prescribe vitamins. I used to work as a nurse. Anyone who came in to hospital who was malnourished would be prescribed many different types. My OB prescribed extra pre natal vitamins during both my pregnancies as well as vitamin D and calcium supplements.

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 ^agree with this post. I have been vit D deficient and after taking osteolin for a month I could see and feel a difference
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 Thats right dont listen to your dr, listen to some stranger on the internet who may, or may not, have medical training
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There is a significant difference in the quality from various Brands, and their efficacy. I think Choice have done a few comparisons over the years. Those from an American company called Usana came out well on top. Their CEO and founder developed the test for the Epstein-Barr virus, and had developed the skill of keeping human cells alive and reproducing for years, using nutrient solutions. Usana vitamins are not cheap.
One well known Australian company that have a strong presence in the market came out on the bottom of the list.

My surgeon recommended I take high dose vitamin C for at least 2 weeks before stomach surgery, as he said in his experience it significantly improves healing.