Ask SAHM is a place where you can ask our staff & community a question safely & anonymously. Please read our disclaimer. it good for meeting decent men with their lives together?

Haven’t been single in 9 years. Spent two years working on myself, getting fit healthy, strong mental health, learning who I am.
I would love to meet someone!
No luck in meeting someone in my tiny small town. Is tinder any good for meeting people ?


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If you want to meet a decent guy with his life together, meet him somewhere you both have a similar interest. Dance class, Gym, Church, parenting social groups (through schools, counseling etc). Although there may be exceptions, Tinder is notorious for hookups - not permanent relationships.

OP Thank you. I’ve been doing gym, meditation and even bush walking groups with no luck. Tiny town!
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Bless your hopeful heart. How I miss my days of optimism like you have now. Tinder for decent men and a relationship 😂😂😂

God eharmony is gross. It's all just gross I am on there now. To be honest, many of the guys on Tinder are on eharmony, RSVP, POF etc etc also. There are some new ones but I do in general see many of similar faces across the board. I'm in Brisbane. Tinder is a free version of what's out there LOL Yes there are one night stand guys, but you establish that pretty soon in the chat, or they often just have it on their profile OR you can tell by the dumb sleezy photo of their abs etc. lol

You might be one of the lucky ones. In my experience, I started on tinder very late 30s and now early 40s. I have friends who are in their late 20s and early 30s (mostly no kids) and I know of 5 successful matches, they will marry. In my age category I don't know anyone who has had a successful match, including myself. The men I've met and friends have met are looking to fill a void straight from a relationship or have been single a while because it's obvious that they are looking for a distraction or sex instead of a relationship. I find that women our age mostly take the time to get themselves straight, make sure to be their best selves. The men...rarely.
I've sat on many dates where all I've heard is hatred towards the mother of their children and after a few discreet questions I realise its not justified and that they don't have their own children a priority (a total turn off for me).
Anyway, I did meet a lovely guy, it's still early days but I met him through my hairdresser.

OP This is my instinct. I’ve worked so so so hard to heal my baggage from my marriage. To see and heal my flaws. Obviously not perfect but I’m very aware of my pitfalls and bad habits. I couldn’t tolerate a man without the same mindfulness. I’ll keep waiting for in person :)
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 I went straight into regular counselling and spent a lot of time building a solid foundation of a new kind of family for my children. I was single for 5 years. I didn't date for 3 years after my marriage ended.
Dating was interesting, fun, frustrating, scary and an eye opener all at the same time. It made me look at what I deserve, who is a good match and what qualities Im looking for. Counselling made me look at myself and realise what needed to be worked on and what to try to be aware of in my next relationship. It also helped me bend the way I viewed myself.
Time and self love is a wonderful thing.

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Tinder is more of a one night stand, fwb thing. Eharmony or are better online dating apps for someone looking for a relationship