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Is it wanky for a 33 year old woman to be taking pictures of her husband lapping his old Torana around Mt Panorama?

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Oh the horror 😱. How dare people live their lives and do things they enjoy! Don't they know you are supposed to sit back on the sidelines of life and laugh at the people who actually live.

 OP here- Lol, my husband is going to love this response! A while back he asked me to take some pics of him in his pride and joy and I told him I felt like a wanky 17 year old girlfriend fan girl. He brought it up again last night (in an argument lol) about how I’d called him a wanker (I didn’t, I just said I FELT wanky and yes I know how wanky it is to use the term wanky 😂😂). I took heaps of pics for him, so I don’t know why he is still upset.....anyway he wanted me to ask on Facebook and I said no way, so put it up here anonymously 👍
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 Lol, I too would feel ridiculous, but you have to admire someone for having a passion (unless they spend all their bloody time on said passion). I think we all miss out on opportunities to have fun because we can still hear the mean girl comments in our head. Let the mean girls laugh and then realise when they are old ladies that they spent their lives being Benchwarmers.
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Of course it's wanky but who cares! Just take the photos and give him a wave as he drives past😂

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Lol I'm more distracted that op used the word wanky

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We (society) teach our kids: those who mind don’t matter and those who matter, don’t mind. Live it and role model it to your children.

I get really involved playing with my children when they are young (they start to get older and they don’t want/need me to play, they want to play with other children) and I get looks like I’m mentally retarded but I don’t care.
People used to literally laugh at me for wearing thermal/snow boots in my old town that was mostly 5 degrees or less in winter (apparently I wasn’t very fashionable) but I laughed too cause it must suck being controlled by fear of judgement. I was so warm and comfortable. Recently we were driving through some bum f**k town after leaving the snow fields and a women twice my age pointed and laughed at my snow boots. pretty sure I get the last laugh after a 2 week holiday, that required snow boots. I’ve learnt that people are threatened by my non conformity, I contradict their world view and that makes them insecure and jealous.

Moral of the story, f**k people like that, they will always judge and they love to bring others down to their level. Don’t let them, show them how little you care for their narrow minds.

If I saw you taking photos of your husband in his car, I’d think positive things like: what a nice wife, nice car, look car enthusiasts having fun with their car, wish I owned that car, etc. the only wanky people are the ones who judge you, they are bitter, twisted, resentful people who need to work on themselves. Anyone who enjoys taking others down a peg is not happy within themselves and that’s a big problem for them, don’t make it your problem. Stay unaffected

I'm jealous about the Torana, haha! Sounds like fun and hope he had a blast!

Bitch please.... An old Torana? Its called a 'classic' and f**k off with your jealous a*s.

 My husband had an old torana, he'd probably make me take photos of him if he fixed it up and made it look all shiny and pretty haha
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OMG, I'm in NZ and would Love to see my hubby on the Mount (although it'd be in his Falcon as we're a Ford household 😋)

Absolutely not. I hope you go & have some fun while your at it. Try and take a few selfies while pulling silly faces, as your hubbies car goes round & round. Take a few good ones of his car too. Support him in his passion as I hope he supports you in yours.

Yes do it, but he has to accompany you on a shopping trip taking pics of you in different outfits first.