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Would you be comfortable dropping off hubby to a strip club ?

If you were fat and ugly


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A lot of the strippers are fat and ugly too 😂😂😂.

As long as he is comfortable wearing a chastity belt and me dragging him out by his fucken ball sack. I'll touch that c**t up if he even tried to disrespect me like that! He wants some titties in his face I got a big set of implants I'll shake with some tassels.

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 Yas 👸🏻
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What does fat and ugly have to do with it? Why would a wife drop a husband at a strippers?

I don't drop my husband off anywhere. He wants to go somewhere he drives or catches public transport.

I would never drop my husband off at a strip club, regardless of what I looked like.

I'd have no issue with it. I trust my husband, and even if I didn't, I've heard his thoughts on fu****g strippers (they're not good thoughts). We know a guy that used to date one, and he got paid out on a lot. Apparently, the women are fine to look at, but if you touch them you might as well go inject cornflakes into your dick and call it a day (according to the blokes).
Men are pigs.

It wouldn't bother me. They're a bit of fun and entertainment. We have alot of trust in our relationship so I wouldn't be phased. At most, I'd be pissed he didn't invite me haha

Yep, and I'd go in with him more than likely. Strip clubs aren't these mysterious male only spaces full of dark corners and dirty carpets. Sure there are plenty of creeps but I've been to them and the girls are lovely and they are so happy to chat and have a good time with people who don't leer at them in that threatening way. We talk to them like humans, because they are humans.

Any man who wouldn't be happy for his wife to come with him to a strip club is the kind of man who treats the women as second class humans and doesn't want his wife to see his shameful behavior.

More comfortable than he would be - he finds them really embarrassing.

 Oh yes I'm sure he does..........
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 He does. He finds the idea of looking at naked women exciting - but not in a room full of gross men. He'd rather be the only gross man there bahaha
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 He’s gay
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 Look at his internet browser
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 Wouldn’t a gay man be excited by the aroused men?
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I’d do it. I don’t have an issue as welling as he only looks.

I have no issue with my hubby going to the strippers as long as it’s not messing with our sex life or relationship in a negative way.