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How do you stop people letting their dogs off the lead?

Where I walk people are always letting their dogs off the lead, they bloody things shit everywhere and it doesn't get picked up. The council put up a sign, which does nothing to stop it.


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More important things to worry about atm. Just watch where you walk .

Just watch where u walk saying something will in these times end up with urself being hurt.

My neighbours let their dogs off lead out the front of their house. Last week they ran at my little Maltese shihtzu. They didn’t bite him but they pinned him to the ground by the back of his neck. He was recovering from a spinal injury and was paralysed for six weeks. The vet had just said we could start taking him for very short walks. The neighbour knew this but didn’t even apologise to me. I screamed to get their dogs off mine so they pulled them off but didn’t come check if my dog was ok or to apologise. If they had, I would’ve felt better. But they didn’t so I called the ranger and let them know what happened. Neighbours hate me now but I’m sick of inconsiderate people who don’t control their dogs.

 But this also shows
You had
Your own dog out when it was
In such a vulnerable position. You are also at fault.

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 Is she expected to stay home prisoner incase dogs across the road are let out?
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 Definitely with the op of this thread. Good on you for calling the ranger 👍
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 My dog was on a lead. I was on my way home from walking him to the park. I didn’t know as I rounded the corner that the dogs were out. I am allowed to walk my dog. And there was no need for mods to delete my explanation.
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I find walking nearish to busy roads is easier as people don't let their dogs off.

its not just the poo. Some people are allergic, some people are scared of dogs. I love dogs and have 2 but I dont let them off the lead in the wrong area.

Public shaming

 Sounds harsh but I reckon I probably would do this
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  Do it
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 They do shame on my local chat page.
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Call the ranger and report it. I’m so sick of dogs off lead in my area. My dog has been attacked twice and I stopped walking him for a long time because I was scared. But that’s not fair to my dog. I now walk him early at school drop off time ( I live across the road) so there’s lots of people around.

We had this, the council put up a sign saying pick up after your dog and to keep the dog on a leash. Later the sign changed to fox and rat bait being used in area, stay on the path. People stopping letting their dogs off the leads once a few got sick.

 The back of my house is a beautiful woodland area, the kids would play there building cubbies and would often step in dog poo. So many selfish idiots letting their dogs off the lead. A neighbour told me to get my kids to watch out as he had baited a lot of meat with huge doses of laxatives. He had put up a warning sign saying fox bait being used. It worked there were a lot less dogs off the lead.
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This annoys me too, but more because where i live people have their dog’s of the leash and those dogs chase and try to attack my dog (!) who is on a leash! We now avoid one particular park because of it. There is nothing you can do, as another responder said, if you say something you risk being abused/bashed in some way.

 My father in law takes an epi pen when he walks the dog. His dog has been attacked a few times by the same dog off the leash. One hit with the epi pen and the dog died. Problem solved
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 Thats a good idea
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 That’s so illegal and what a misuse of a medication
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 So is letting your dog attack someone. I take a tiny can of hairspray, my kids have been nipped several times while riding their bikes. I have threatened a few people who's dogs have gone near my kids.
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 Its not a bad idea. You have to protect yourself and your dog first. If people can’t control their dogs then too bad.
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Put in a complaint and see if that works. If not you may have to change your path