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Are you washing and wiping down your groceries before putting them a away?


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I didn't think wiping down the outside of my sugar and flour packers would be enough and i thought I'd go a step above so I poured the contents into a sink with hot soapy water to give it all a really good scrub. Never doing that again....

 Love it
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 Wouldn’t the sugar and flour get washed away?
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 ^ it didn't get washed away, I stained it through a sieve and left it out in the sun to dry for extra germ killing
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Do we have to do this now 😭😫

 Of course! Don't want to risk a fine!
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No. I take stuff from the back of the shelf anyway & wash produce before using it.

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Yes I am wiping things down or taking them out of the packet and putting them into a seperate one. I am also washing all fresh produce thoroughly.

Yes. I started this just in case. Right now, you cant be too careful.

 Don't forget to open packets (of bread/ chips/ etc) and spray some Glen 20 inside. Can never be too careful.
And wipe meat down with dissinfectant wipes, just in case the butcher touched it

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F**k no.

 Corona virus lasts for only a certain amount of time on different materials- cardboard less than 24hours but plastics and mentaller like door handles, 3days I think. Unless customers have touched it.. I wouldn’t worry
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