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Contraception while breast feeding.

I have a doctors appointment booked for next week but I’m just wondering what worked best for people who are kind of hopeless at remembering to take the mini pill each time everyday. TIA


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I had the implanon after my second. It was good for the first few months. After about 6 months I would bleed every 10-14 days, I had no sex drive and was just so irritable/cranky/crazy. I went to the doctors and the first thing she did was a papsmear, swab test and an ultrasound just to rule out anything. Everything came back fine so we took the bar out. Within 2 weeks I felt like myself again. I now only bleed once a month, I don't feel cranky/irritable or crazy anymore and my sex drive is back.

We just use condoms now.

I did the Implanon between kids, now I'm done having kids, I use the Mirena.