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What do you think of the Peter Mason paternity fraud case?


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He's acting out of anger and hurt and has lost his kids from it. Yes not his biologically but he's still their Dad. He will regret doing this

It’s Richard mason, not peter. They are probably two separate fathers so she doesn’t want to tell the world

I'd be tempted to seriously harm her. His hurt must be huge, the lies, the betrayal. His reality was up ended. The kids are victims. They'll hate her. As for going public it's good, other men maybe aware.
As for other answers- very ordinary. Trust no one

 They don't though, they have nothing to do with the man. I do think she deserves to be sued and pay back all child support etc.
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Hey got kids he other wise wouldn’t have.
Hurt was done.
But suing her, I’d just let bygones be bygones if it were were and carry on being dad.

 Meh, you wouldn’t know until that autually happened to you
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 No but I do know me and I wouldn’t sue.

I was used for a visa by my ex, and my husband I still believe tried to use me for my money.
I could have made sure he got zero, but I still set him up with a small unit and wiped my hands clean.

Bygones be bygones chasing people through court for these things does far more hurt than good.

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I think he should have waited until all the kids were adults to go through with the case. He raised the kids, they are in every other way his, the kids only know him as their Dad. He obviously hurts because the kids don't want anything to do with him now and the kids are obviously very confused and don't know what to think of it all which is why I think he should have waited until they were adults and could understand the reasons behind him doing it. That woman has a hell of a lot to answer for, she just completely changed at least 5 peoples lives, all those years of living a lie.