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3 year old wont keep his hand out of his pants

I'm sure it's a normal little boy thing to be fascinated by his penis. Ever since he could reach it as a baby he's been grabbing at it. I think he's been doing this off & on for a year with different degrees of frequency. So he just walks around with one hand jammed down his pants all the time. Like all the time! He will run & he'll still have a hand down his pants. Hell be watching tv - in his pants. He does it in his sleep. We've been to the docs to make sure it nothing medical & he's not in any pain. It's just a habit he's got into for some reason & now we can't break it. We've tried ignoring it, we've tried pulling him up on it I'm pretty sure this only made him do it more. Did this happen with anyone elses little boy? Any suggestions?


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I tell my son it's ok to touch himself, but only in his room, when he does it he gets sent to his room.

 I agree they should be told it's ok to touch themselves, but it's something to do privately.
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OP True thanks
helpful (0) husband still has his hand down his pants. My son who is 7 will do the same. I just say it's fine that you do it, but try not to in public. It's something you do at home. I'm not telling him its gross, or yucky or improper. It'll mess him up later on. Dont make a huge deal over it. We used to ask my son at that age, do you need to go potty? If he said no, then I'd say, ok, then take your hand off your penis in public. As he got older,all i had to say was do you need to use the bathroom? He'd smile and say no and take his hand off his penis. They are boys. They'll do it even as a grown man!

Totally normal. My son is 3 and recently when I picked him up from daycare they told me he had started pulling his out and showing his friends. We tell him to put it away every time he does it. He very rarely is allowed to walk around the house naked anymore (he always used to walk around naked but if its not covered he plays with it) We tell him that we don't want to see it and its yucky. He is my eldest so I'm only going off of what I've been told but they outgrow it. Just be persistent and tell him to stop and put it away whenever you see it.

OP Lol it could be worse then. At least you know he's confident. Thank you 😊
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 Yucky?! Oh dear come on ladies, raise responsibile boys!
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Yes. They get over it. Didn't have as many incidents though. Just said its a bit rude when there's people around to put your hand in there.

OP Thanks I'll give that a go.
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It’s a boy thing. As adults they have learned (mainly) to play with their penis in private or at least not in public. Don’t stress. Just ignore.

OP Yeah I get that. I've just never noticed other kids walking around with their hands down their pants like my son. Just wanted to check if it was unusual. First time mum here.
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My son had an infection under his foreskin and the doctor had a go at me and told me I probably don’t let him play with it enough to encourage the skin to gently come back on its own 😂😂😂 also told be that’s a common problem in same sex parenting ( I am a single mum, don’t know where the f**k he got that from, not my regular doctor)

So on the up side less risk of infections 😂😂😂

This is normal for boys. We pull our son up on it by saying that it's not for touching. Just every time we see him do it, we tell him to stop and how it's rude and not for touching.

OP Ok thanks
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 This is a bit careless.. programming your kid that it’s rude to touch will most likely create some sort of guilt/issues sexually later in life.
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 Welp, here's my front door. It is literally 6 feet to the left of me right now. Come knock on it, and show me how YOU think we should be parenting. Don't forget to bring your rubber gloves, I've got housework to do too.
This is how we are raising our son. If he grows up with issues later on, we'll deal with those as we get to them.

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OP While i agree it's normal for boys to play with their bits. The point was it was excessive and quite public and i was after any advice or strategies to overcome it. It wasn't to start an argument about it. Thank you everyone for your help. I would like to wish you all a lovely day.
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 Its better to raise confident kids than to fix broken adults. Seriously as a mother to girls, it’s freightening that boys their age are being raised that touching themselves is bad.
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 In this instance I think our life experiences have been different enough that we will have to agree to disagree on the touching vs non touching issue. I've seen kids (who I've now realised, as an adult, were probably sexually abused) play with themselves in public for all to see. And I mean, they called a crowd of other kids around to watch and show it off, multiple times.
But I have never met anyone with hangups about consensual adult sexual relations.
So for me, telling my son it's not for touching, is sensible. But, you parent your kids your way, and I'll parent my kids my way.

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 Exactly this ^ !
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 My 2 cents. Im a woman. My mum always told me penises were gross and you never ever put one in your mouth.

I never had any issues or guilt surrounding it. In fact i love giving my husband head.

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When my kids do it, I tell them private parts are private- so we do that in our room. They wouldn't want to be in their room all day, so it works pretty well. You could also try replacing it with another habit, like give him a squishy ball in his pocket to squeeze when his hand starts wandering...

Smack him

 Yeah maybe dont smack him. What terrible advice.
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Boys - and men - touch their penises (and girls and women touch their vulvas and clitoris) because it feels good. If this bothers you remind them to do this in the privacy of their bedrooms.