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How often do you clean your oven?

My friend was telling me about how she got Easy Off Oven and how terrific it was and she said "Because, you know it's a weekly cleaning thing isn't it"?
I agreed, but truth be told; I clean my oven when I have to, the last time was about six weeks ago and that was only because the lasagne boiled over....
Is she weird or am I?


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She is. No one cleans their oven weekly. I worked as a house keeper once and cleaned the oven monthly.

I've never cleaned ours - have lived in our home for 8 years now. Its self-cleaning.... everything burns off eventually. The light doesn't work anyway so it's hard to tell.

i clean it when i cant see through the glass anymore ;)

Every 3 months before our rent inspection.

 Me too!
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 Me three ;)
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 Me Four :)
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Once a month unless something spills then I'll just clean it off and I always clean ot before an inspection even if i only cleaned it a week before hand I'll still give it a good wipe over :)

I have never heard of anyone cleaning their oven weekly - not even my mother in law who is over the top with her cleaning!
Who has time to clean their oven weekly?!
I do ours for rent inspections now, when we had our own place it was about to very 6-12 months!

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Thanks ladies!! And lmao at the rent inspection!!

Lol...its been 5 months and reading this made me realise...Off i go to clean it now before it needs to be used later!

I do not clean my oven once a week, not even once a month probably every couple of months or when it's dirty. Maybe she cooks a lot more often than most people? I don't know but I think once a week is a bit crazy, I'll wipe spills straight away and I wipe down the glass when I do the benches, stove top gets done every day.