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Does anyone actually read books anymore?


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I'm 30 and still read not as often as I'd like and always had to find books I love... But we I find a good book I'm obsessed and disappear for 3 days, so at the moment with young kids I steer clear as its not unlike addiction lol

 I'm like this too. If I have a good book, i will sit there reading until it is finished. Nothing else gets done - i get lost in the book.
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 Yep exactly the same... but I read in front of my kids or even to my kids from my books. I'm lucky they have inherited my love of books :)
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 My kids live books too (I wrote this comment) but I don't read appropriate books for them lol.
I love crime stories mainly or autobiographies

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I love books! I have 4 bookcases overflowing with books, I always have a book in my handbag when I go somewhere. I read while I wait for the kids at school. I recently discovered our local book exchange and can happily spend hours in there!

Yes! I love books. I can't stand e-readers either. I have to hold a book in my hand, feel the pages, smell that "book" smell. My kids read too, they love their books. đź“š

I love books I have big shelves full and read every day even if it's just a chapter before bed. I love the smell of new books it's just not as nice on a device and you don't feel like you've actually bought anything with an ebook

 I only have one shelf with books as I always pass on books after I read them... Sharing books is part of the joy to me and reading a shared book
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 ^ that wouldn’t work for me because I like to re-read books every couple of years.
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I love reading and I love real books. You can take a real book anywhere, get it wet and it doesn't need recharging. I also read a study that found people retain less information when reading from a screen.

 Op here. That's what I meant reading real books as apposed to on a screen.
Yes, I read a lot all the time and so do my kids. I have a study room with dozens and dozens of books and comfy chairs and desk to sit at and read.
Sometimes I just wonder if real books will always be around given that a lot of people find it convenient to just read on a screen.

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 I love the smell of books so much!
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 You can't really get a paperback book wet...
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 It would seem I have to elaborate. I've dropped a few books in the bath or wet them a bit at the beach, after drying them out the book has still served it purpose (I could still read the book). I don't know how many tablets or kindles survive being dropped in the bath.
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I read everyday. If I could read and get paid for it I would.

 Me too!
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The only books I get a chance to read these days are kids books.... out loud to my kids. Which is great because reading is important, and my kids love it. And I hope that continues for them into adulthood. Print is not dead!

I love books and have a heap but I also love my kindle. The last couple of books I read were paperbacks but I am back using my kindle and love it. Most books I read are big over 800 pages and just get too big to carry around all the time, I found the kindle is perfect just shove it in my handbag and go.

Yes me. I love books, I love turning pages and the smell and the feel.

Unless you count Dinosaur Dump...I haven’t read a book in at least a year.

no books r for biches

 Exhibit A: what happens when you don’t read.
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