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Not sure if i should be sending my son to kedron state school or padual school at kedron
He is a pretty good kid, tries in class, gets good marks. Just dont want any religion pushed in his head.
But feel like a private school he might do better academically?
Or put him in a state school and get him a tutor?
So confused


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Kedron is actually a great school. You need to look at them both and go with the best option for your son as none of us know his strengths and weaknesses like you do. But don’t rule out Kedron on the basis of it being a state school, I’ve heard a lot of positives from my nieces who go there after going to a private school and they love it.

OP Thanks for your response.
I like kedron but wanted private as i thought they might offer more acadmeic support

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 It really depends what his needs are and what teachers he will get with how well he will be academically supported. I was really worried about sending my daughter to a state school for high school too as she is quite smart but needs the right encouragement to be confident in her work, but after the whole online learning and seeing first hand how her teachers will call the moment they were worried about her slipping to offer more support, now my worries are all gone. It’s a smaller school too like Kedron. There might be other factors you want to look at too, like maybe Padua offers classes suited more to your son, or if he is sporty they might have better opportunities for him too. The problem with the schools you’ve chosen is they are both actually good schools 😂
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My husband went to Padua. He said it's no different to state school that some of his friends attended. As far as religion is concerned, my husband is an Atheist. He said they studied all religions and stuff, but he didn't buy into any thing.

OP Thanks for this response. Imteresting!
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 You’re husband sounds smart
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Have you considered Nudgee Boys College? nothing but rave reviews from that place

OP No, havent even looked at nudgee
Will check it out

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 just want to second that
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