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Bahh hate my face and body

Does anyone else hate their face and body? I try to look after myself but feel I never exude that naturally pretty look. My pasty freckly complexion, dark circles under my eyes, beedy eyes and brows. I generally eat well and have tried so hard to exercise this week and guess I was hoping for better feelings/results. I'm not flat, more wobbly and jelly. I even did 15 minutes this morning on the treadmill to set the tone for good body feelings, saw a photo of myself in a bikini lol . Blah. I feel as though I felt better than I actually looked, and then the photo reveals all!


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Yes I can relate. At least you are doing something about it. My face is so old and ugly I got botox and still dont look good. It doesn't help that I'm a older mum and being around some of the younger mums makes me feel insecure. It annoys me how obsessed everyone is about how they look.

OP Oh I stress about that. 33, the last single one, by the time I meet someone and have kids I'll be a mess amongst yummy mummies LOL
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I hate the way I look too. I'm not pretty at all, my eyes are like pee holes in the sand, my eyelids are like scrotums. My body shape is rectangular, no shape. Just potatoey. I have resting bitch face. A friend asked me what I liked best about my appearance and the only thing I could think of was that it's non intimidating. Nobody will ever be jealous of my face or body. But- I'm nice, and funny and my hubby seems to like me fine. At 36 I'm finally getting over it.

I have dark circles, its hereditary, a good concealer helps a bit. Supposedly sleep, more water and less coffee but that hasnt made a difference to me. I think everyone can look pretty if you find out what suits you, eg hair style, eyebrow shape etc. Im sure you have a couple of things about you that are really nice, work out what your best features are and emphasise.
I sympathise on the body thing. I broke my ankle recently and put on heaps. So frustrating even though I try to control my diet but I cant diet properly as it gives me migraines.

 I also had dark circles, very hollow eyes and concealer does shit all. So I had tear trough injections. Amazing!!! They inject filler under your eyes and instantly my eyes looked amazing.
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It might be worth considering shapewear to at least hold the wobbly bits in, so you feel better in close fitting clothes. Shops from KMart and Target to Myer and David Jones have them. That is, if its not too hot where you live at this time of year.
Any turn-around effort will take many weeks to show results, so you have to stick at it, and dont do bikini shots at all in the meantime - too depressing. Full costume swimwear is more flattering if you are a bit wobbly.
There are great makeup tutorials on Pixiwoo, on line, or you could even go into your local chemist or Myers or David Jones, and get them to put makeup on yo to show you exactly how to look your best, what to accentuate on your face and what to disguise. Sometimes you have to buy some of the makeup, to be given a full makeover, so have a look at the prices of the various brands before you ask for a makeup session..
And you need a combination of diet and exercise to see the best difference in your body shape.
Weightlifting is really good, to tone and tighten and build muscles, and muscle uses up more calories to just maintain your body at resting than fat does. Also muscle weighs heavier than fat so expect to see your weight go up on the scales initially.
Plain old walking is best for general weight loss and minor tightening, especially of thighs. So do as much of that as you can.
I had pasty skin, and found quite young, by accident, that if I blonded my hair, my complexion improved because my hair seemed to absorb the oil on my face, and pore size reduced, and skin breakouts ceased. I can tell when I need my blond streaks re-done, by the state of my facial skin, when I start getting spots again. I simply cannot use full face makeup because I break out in pots, even after one day of using face makeup.
Good luck with it, and don't give up. Just take little steps each day, and don't beat yourself up if you backslide a bit; we all do, and you just pick yourself up and get back on track.

Oh bikini shots are the worst. I went online to look for a bikini top, and when I started I had a smidgen of self esteem, but by the end I was a sobbing mess. I was comparing myself to how I used to look, and wondering how I let it get THIS bad (went from a size 8 to a size 16).
I don't like how my body looks, but it's sure done some pretty cool stuff. It's like a balloon, it started off nice and small and tight. Then it got bigger as it filled (pregnancy), shrank, and got bigger 2 more times. It's going to be a little loosey goosey now compared to how it started. But I can live with that while I work on it.

As for the face, that's why they have makeup. So that if you want to accentuate the good points, and minimise the less good points, you can. I have ginger eyelashes, so I use a heap of mascara. Which then brings out my blue eyes.
I also have a scar on my jawline, but I can minimise that too.
Keep up with the exercise, you're doing great. It's frustrating that you put in such a big effort and then nothing happens. But imagine it as a snowball. The more you persist, the bigger the results.

I hate how I look too. I have tiny lips and I think I look angry all the time. And maybe older than I am too, because of it. I feel like I see people look away when their eyes land on me. I feel like I repel men. Sometimes I think I see men looking at me with confused expressions. Like, what’s wrong with me.