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Please help with a pregnancy question

We decided we want a third baby.. hubby travels away a lot and we decided we would try asap
Then realised we changed our private healthcover and havent added pregnancy to it. I rang them and they said there is a 12 month period. So technically we need to wait three mo ths before starting. But we dont want to wait as we have a big gap and hubby is away again for a while . I had two babies via cesearian in the past and now if we dont wait and IF we do fall eary what are my otpions?
Can i still have a c section via public?
Ive never been public.. im so nervous and not sure what to do?


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Sorry but there are no C-sections in public hospitals. They don't even use anesthetic when doing surgery. They just give you some whiskey and hit you on the head to knock you out. You will know a good hospital by the quality of their leeches.

 Very funny !
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 😂😂 I did get a bit of a giggle out of this
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Honestly, if the proverbial hits the fan, public is where you want to be. You won’t be receiving third world care in the public system. Not in Australia. Dont worry.

What difference does a few months make? If you have a big age gap, then waiting 3 months shouldn’t be an issue. It might take you more than that to fall pregnant in the first place.

I would just wait. If you have a particular obstetrician you want to use you’ll have to pay a fortune without insurance.

Iv gone public with both of my kids and honestly think I received better care than some of my friends that went private

Change your insurance now. Chances are, you likely won't fall pregnant in the next three months. I had an elected C-section via public. Everything went perfectly.

I had 3 c sections full public. Care by midwives throughout pregnancies. No issues.

I had two babies at a public hospital delivered by midwives and honestly there was nothing wrong with the job they did. I know other people have other complications, but you can use the obstetrician of a public hospital and you don’t need to pay. Doesn’t mean they will do any less of a job a private ob would.

Yes U can go public

OP Do i not use my obstetrician? How does this work?
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 You would probably have to pay to use yours via the public system.
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You can still supplement your private health cover with public. For both pregnancy care and delivery. I've had 3 c sections with Medicare and each time has been fine. The only thing I can complain about is the quality of hospital I was in for the first two. But for my last it was a lovely hospital and I can't recommend it enough to my local friends. Just research your area for the best hospital that suits your preferences (maybe you really don't want to share a room but aren't as worried about the food, maybe you don't mind sharing a room as long as the hospital parking lot is big enough for your partner/visitors, etc). I have high risk pregnancies thanks to a medical condition, and the public care has been phenomenonal. Regular check ups, extra scans, all the blood tests and things, all bulk billed.
Your GP will recommend an obstetrician if you ask, or you can call yours and discuss whether they take public patients and what the billing is like there. It's different for every one.