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held needed before the morning thanks

my son last school holidays got a not home saying something along the lines of
"Hey if you would like to catch up with **** (kids name) please call **** Mothers name and number"
Both my kids want to do it but im not sure what to write or how to word it lol


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"Hey *other mothers name* this is *your name*. I was wondering if you and *their child* would like to join us for a playdate on such and such a day at such and such a place? Cheers 🙂"

Why would you not do exactly the same thing? Seems fairly casual (non obligatory) wording to me.

 Op here, on my phone now.
It wasn't quiet like that but something along the lines of that and when I said to my husband what I wrote. He didn't think it sounded right hence me doubting myself now lol bloody men

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 Lol! Men!
It sounds fine to me 🙂

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Just write your name (Johnnys mum) and number and write a comment that says call me if you would like a play date over the holidays. If the kids are old enough don’t even write a comment. Tell the kid to get mum to call me for a play date on the holidays