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Question for Mama's of babies who sleep through the night. Formula fed or breast fed?


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So I count sleeping through as 10 or more hours but most of mine were 12 hours when I say sleeping through.
1st slept through from 4/5 weeks
Twins slept through around 2 months and 4 months
#4 still frequently woke at 4 and 5 years old.
number 5 literally the day she was born.

All were breast fed for between 2-2.5 years old.
all were fed on demand
And all were fed to sleep (4/5 were fed to sleep till they weaned only my terrible sleeper weaned early for falling asleep to it )

 There is a danger to letting little babies sleep so long, their BSL can get too low and they don't have the energy to wake up. I can't remember how many hours it is for infants but newborns is 3 hours.
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 All three of mine slept ten hours straight from 2 months. In their late teens now, alive and perfectly healthy.
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 I just googled for 10 minutes trying to find anything to support what you just said about low blood sugar and there is literally nothing saying a healthy newborn is at risk of low blood sugar if not fed frequently,
The only small argument for feeding regularly is breast milk supply, which was a complete non issue for me.

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 Also none of the health nurses ever said a thing about it... or the sleeping through other than how lucky I was and how chunky my babies were.
Interesting that professions didn’t have your knowledge either.

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 In most cases, healthy, thriving newborns will wake of their own accord for feeds and so get all the milk they need. Feeding your baby when he is showing early feeding cues can help him to feed better: see ‘Feeding cues’ article.

However, there are some reasons why a newborn may be extra sleepy. It may be necessary to wake the baby for feeds to ensure he gets the milk he needs. Some of the reasons are medical (eg jaundice, infection, heart problem), or perhaps medications for pain relief used during the birth are still affecting the baby. It is important to be guided by your medical adviser in these situations.

Feeding cues can be hard to pick in a sleepy baby so it is important to keep your baby close to you so you can learn.

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 I witnessed a new mum get scolded by a midwife for bragging that her newborn had slept 6 hours
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 Newborns will wake up and want to be fed about every 3-4 hours at first. Do not let your newborn sleep longer than 5 hours at a time in the first 5-6 weeks. Thereafter, you can keep the following general milestones in mind: By 4 months, most babies begin to show some preferences for longer sleep at night.
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 Op here guess I got lucky with my midwives who saw my babies were thriving and my #5 was just a unicorn.

2/4 of them were doing 4 plus hour stints very early on.
All of my babies were very chunky healthy and thriving babies. Most hit milestones incredibly early (walking crawling sitting ect)
I never woke sleeping babies and my beautiful midwives simply told me if they are healthy and hitting targets let them sleep.

They all survived infanthood, despite my clearly very dangerous parenting and poor choice of listening to my midwives lol.

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 Was not trying to make you feel bad, but its not good for newborns to sleep 10 hours and I don't know of any midwife that would encourage that.
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 You didn’t make. Me feel bad, it’s just a silly argument really.
The only main harm in an infant sleeping long periods is a) could be a sign of health issue (which there was none)
Or b) breast milk supply. Also which was obvious to midwives a non issue for me.

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 When I had my first, one midwife who seemed like she was a bitch and was snappy to me, told me to wake baby up every 3 hours for feeding. Every other midwife said so long as they were gaining weight, not jaundiced it was okay to leave them up to 6hrs at their longest sleep.
That's newborns though.

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 I just had a baby. Midwife told me the blood sugar thing but its 6 hours not 3
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Formula fed baby slept thru after a few weeks

Breastfeed baby didn't sleep thru until he was about 5..(I stopped breastfeeding after 12 months cos it was exhausting me but he still wouldn't sleep)

 5years old I mean
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I didn’t produce one drop of milk with my three so all were formula fed. First one slept ten hours from age 10 weeks. Second went slept ten hours from 4 months old ( struggled to find right formula because turned out he was lactose intolerant). Third baby slept through from 3 months.

Apparently formula fed babies "usually " sleep through the night more as Formula makes them.feel.fuller longer, as compared with breast fed babies.
" Breast milk contains more whey protein than formula which makes it easier for babies to digest – formula has more casein protein which is digested more slowly. As a result some babies (but not all), will feed less often with formula because they stay fuller for longer. Many parents have reported their babies sleeping for much longer stretches at night once switching to formula.. "
BUT obviously this probably doesnt ALWAYS happen.. But that's what the research say.


I tried breastfeeding, but never made enough milk.

I continued breastfeeding (and topping each feed up with Formula) for about 10 months.

All breastfed, all sleeping through by 8 weeks. I was extremely lucky with my kids. There was no magical way I did it, it just happened.

My babies slept longer on formula, the change was instant.

First was mostly formula fed (with a bit of pumped breast milk first) and was a terrible sleeper. Didn't sleep through until 4yrs.

Second is breastfed and has been a great sleeper from the start.

I put down the sleeping habits more to the childs personality rather than breast vs bottle fed.

first kid was formula fed from 3 months - didnt sleep through the night until almost 2.
second is breast fed still - 19 months and has slept through maybe once or twice.

I wish this question was a poll, would be really interesting.
My babies didn't start sleeping through until I stopped breastfeeding them:
9 months
18 months
12 months
18 months
Usually the last few months of breastfeeding, there was only 1 wake up overnight. Or a dream feed with my eldest who was also formula fed at the time.

 Make it so
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Both kids were breastfed. 1st starting sleeping through at 8 months old and the 2nd at 7 weeks.

I had 3 children. 1 formula and 2 breast. They slept the same amount. Took until 9 months for them to sleep through