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Is it ok for my boyfriend to send his ex pictures of the kids with him in the photo? The kid was being silly in the picture and she put “why does he always have to act silly 🙄😂 x”. Is that ok? Feel like I’m going mad


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Of course it’s ok. He is part of their life and I’m sure she wants to see what they do when he has them. Like it or not, she is always going to be in his life. Kids link them forever. If you can’t handle that, especially if they are amicable, then best you end this relationship now.

You are going mad. There’s nothing wrong with that. Don’t you think it would be better to have a partner that gets along amicably with their ex instead of being at war with them.

My ex and I exchange heaps of pictures of the kids, pets etc. It means nothing other than we both love our kids and are at a good place where we can be friends rather then hate each other. If these texts meant anything else, we wouldn't be with other people, we'd be together, but neither of us are wanting that ever 😂 ever! I'm sure the same for your bf and his ex. It's a tricky one, I still care for my ex because he's the father of my children and they love their dad! I want to continue being good friends instead of hating each other like We did when we were together. But I don't want new gf to be jealous or reading something into it that isn't there either

I think you're reading too much into it. When my ex was working away I sent lots pics of the kids. I was in one and I got a text from him saying its not necessary to be in the photos as he doesn't want to see me. I suspected it was from a girl he was seeing rather than him. I stopped sending pics and when he asked why I sent him a screenshot of the message. I wonder how that went down.

I think the kiss on the end is just a habit some people have. Don’t stress

What's wrong with her response? I think you're reading too much in to things.

They're exes for a reason. Stop driving yourself mad over this :) It's fine to be sending photos of him with the kids. Photos of him alone, I'd question. Besides, he sent the photo with himself and the kids, and she just commented on the kid being silly.

Maybe it’s rubbing in they have fun too lol

My partners ex always sends pics that are heavily filtered with heaps of breasts showing , with the kids in them of course but you can tell it’s about her cause they are not even good photos of the kids, sometimes the kids are not even looking at the camera

I understand the written affection makes you insecure because you like the guy. But you also can’t control what other people do or write. If him receiving x messages is the worst thing that’s happening in your relationship you have got it pretty good

My son spent pretty much all of his life pulling faces for photos with delight I might add. This is mainly an annoying thing little brothers do. If I was separated and my husband posted a photo of him doing this, I would comment on it.
Does that give perspective for you?

Yes of course they are his kids he can send any picture of the kids with him in or out of it he wants.

I have an instagram account only my ex follows, I post pics and videos of the kids and occasionally I am in them. If his partner had an issue with it the next pic would be a special one just for her.