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Not my fault

I am 14 weeks pregnant with my 8th and not my fault some of my family and friends are barren or lost a fetus or a baby

Do you think people should not be sour about other people’s happy news


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No it isn’t your fault. And they aren’t blaming you. (I know you’re a troll but maybe this kind of question does come up legitimately so I shall respond ).

When you have been trying for a baby for a while, or in my case lost one and told you will never have a successf pregnancy, seeing pregnant women and babies everywhere is tough. And it’s really hard to feel happy for those celebrating pregnancy and birth, even though you want to, when all you can think about is what you don’t have., and many never have. In my irrational, and grief stricken mind it felt like my face was being rubbed in it.

Perhaps a little bit of empathy and understanding would help you, OP? Not everyone falls pregnant as easily as others.

Also, referring to a family member as ‘barren’ is tactless. Who says that any more? Oh that’s right, trolls

Not your fault but it is your fault you are 3 line troll

No not your fault but it may raise a sense of their loss that they have endured Especially if they are actively trying to conceive so I do the think their sour just dealing with their own issues

 They’re sour
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What has been said to you?

 After the 3rd one not again
Stop beeeding not fair on other people to see you get pregnant

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why do people automatically call troll on questions maybe it's a legit question and being called a troll is offensive.

 Its the same style of writing all the time. And old fashioned words. She also usually has 8 kids are there abouts and has a lot of problems with her in laws
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 Progressed from Greek daddy neighbour orgies though, so that's something
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I didn't think Barren was such a common name.

 Might just be common in the OP’s family.
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 ^ barren is a bit of an insult (I know some women who use it jokingly to make light of their own infertility - as a coping mechanism) and OP is obviously upset with her family at the moment so it makes sense
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