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Have you made a will? If something happens to you and you have young kids who have you said to look after them?


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My ex husband who will do what he always does and put himself first. So let's hope if I do die it's not until my youngest turns 18.

 Same as mine
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Our youngest is 14 but her siblings are adults. If something happened to us both, she will live in our family home with her older sister

My husband but I need to change as we’re getting divorced and he isn’t their biological dad. Sadly their dad is a druggy

 Hugs babe 💜
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We haven't got a plan in place. I'm scared just reading this post.

My kids are 19, 16 and 4. I'm planning to do a will shortly and state for the 4 year old to be raised by the older siblings and stay in our family home together should something happen to me and hubby. With the guidance from my parents and sister

Serious Question: What happens if I die and I don’t want to leave my kids with my partner or his family? Do I have a choice if my mother (she’s still young, she’s 44 and I’m 22 with 2 toddlers 1 & 2 y/o’s) can take full custody or help co parent?

 If your partner is their dad then he has a right to raise them. Unless theres some serious reasons why and your family can fight for custody. But s judge and family services will aim to keep a parent and kids together.
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 Thought as much. I love my partner and his family, but it’s just my kids are with me 24/7 and is closer to my family as they are always around. Something I’ve always wondered but couldn’t ask without anyone thinking anything more of it lol
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Ours would be cared for by my brother with assistance from my parents and my husbands parents if they’re able to (not to old and frail etc), grandparents are currently a very active part of all our lives but health can change quickly, I don’t believe their willingness to be involved will ever change, they adore the children, thankfully.

My kids are older. 19, 15, 13. They can look after themselves and stay in our house but I have a huge supportive family who will always be there for them. I just couldn’t ask any of them to take on my three permanently because they all have families of their own, it would be too much for them.

If both of us die, they go to our good friends who have similar values to us. We aren't comfortable with any of our siblings to raise them. We also didn't want to leave them to our parents in case they are too old or have their own stuff going on.

My husband will have our children. But if we both happen to die then they will go to my parents with the help of my father in law. And if my parents are too old etc they will go to my sister and her hubby.