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Last year I had to pull my 13 year old kid out of her school because she was being bullied. She was routinely told to go kill herself and ended up experimenting with cutting herself. She is in an amazingly supportive school now. But tonight we came across one of her main aggressors at the park. I overheard her talking to a boy using extremely sexualised language. Then her step dad came to the park, called her over and asked her if she was fucking stupid as she was supposed to be gone for 5 minutes and had been gone for half an hour.
Should I email her school to tell them what I heard or not interfere?


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Don't interfere. The school can't really do anything and it will just seem petty. Just focus all that energy on your daughter and helping her heal from the bullying.

OP I just thought if the other girl could be helped somehow... It made me sad. I knew she had issues but I didn't know she was as treated like that.
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 I think misread your question. just to clarify, did you want to tell them about the sexual nature of the conversation or the step dad calling her names? If it is the latter, I commented wrong and yes that is something to talk to the school about.
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 I wanted to just give her a hug and tell her it'll be ok. I want someone, anyone to do that for her. The school is the only point of contact I have, and given that she was the subject of so many emails between the school and I last year I hoped it wouldn't be seen as being overly inappropriate to just tell them what she'd been subjected to. I can't imagine how she must have felt going home to that.
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 I think the other response was more important personally. I just think focus on your own child
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That is the thing with bullies. The often act the way they do due to being in a bad situation themselves. They are often the victim of bullying themselves. This is why I have found dealing with bullys to be difficult due to the other issues involved. Talk tot he school about what you saw and heard. They might not be able to do much at first but they will probably watch the girl more closely or get her into counselling.

 Yes it's difficult to deal with. We had an issue at school with a group of kids bullying other kids. The ring leader had issues at home the others just wanted to be part of the popular group so they went along with it. The kids that were just going along with it got in a lot more trouble than the main kid doing the bullying. The ring leader got help and the others spent their lunch breaks cleaning up the school yard.
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If that's what happens in public I would hate to see what happens behind closed doors. I hope she gets some help and support.

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I wish I knew how to dirty sexual talk I'm rubbish at it.

If it stems from the family home you got Buckley's of that ever mending the situation or her future..