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Do you use click and collect anywhere?


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Like everywhere! I love it. No dealing with grubby people and going somewhere where stock isn’t available. Just yesterday, I went to target, big w & myer to click collect- all ordered the night before (11pm- 1.30 am I was up shopping as nursing my baby). I was in and out of home within an hour & had about $500 worth of stuff🤣

Yes, if I want something & it's on sale. I don't worry about if I'll get to that shop while item is on sale or finding it's out of stock so I wasted a trip. Just go to the click & collect counter & they bring it to me.

Supermarkets - not unless I'm desperate. Stuff is always missing & milk/meat they choose only has a few days before expiry so I have to go back anyway! Plus I find 1/2 price specials on stuff I use that aren't not online.

Just Coles and woolies but I'm going to try other stores as Well. I hate shopping

I do for target. We don't have a proper one close by so I click and collect at the country target 15 mins away.