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Is this shit or am I just in a bad mood?

So my birthday is Christmas day- yes I hate it. Anyway myself and my 2 best friends organised dinner for my birthday tonight. They know how my birthday is always forgotten so it's nice to enjoy dinner with them.
Well 1 isn't coming because she's too hung over. I'm a bit pissed off. This has been organised for 3 weeks. I think it's rude. But I'm also very tired as my daughter didn't sleep much last night. So is it rude or do I need sleep? Haha


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Yup it’s definitely shit! Considering she’s in the “best friends” category she should have planned herself better. Hungover? Not good enough
But anyway Happy Birthday 🥳
Post a heap of social media pix like someone else mentioned lol
Look I can’t be too sure but I feel like you’re getting conjunctivitis on said best friends birthday dinner 🤷🏻‍♀️

OP I thought the same, doesn't matter I had a great dinner out :) xx
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 hugs. Ive had friends pull this kind of crap on me too. I know they don't mean it but it really makes you feel like shit. Like as in they probably didn't purposely get hung over but its still inconsiderate.
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I think she's rude to drink herself to such excess that even the following night (assuming she drank last night) she's still bed bound. Especially when you consider that she'd already committed to you that she'd be there tonight.
Happy birthday for Tuesday, and I hope you have a good time tonight

OP Thank you so much! I had a great time :)
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My Dad's Birthday would have been today, he always got forgotten too!
The Happiest of Birthday's for you to tomorrow xoxox

OP Thank you, and happy Birthday to your dad xx
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Dint gi to her birthday

OP I can't do that. Not the type of person I am but I see where you're coming from xx
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That sucks. How annoying for you. I’m sure she couldn’t help it though. Happy Birthday - enjoy your dinner and hope you sleep better tonight 😊

OP Thank you! I'll still enjoy my dinner :)
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 Hope you have fun anyway. Post lots of pics on Facebook, let her feel left out.
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Happy birthday to you. My birthday was yesterday, so i kinda get how you feel about being forgotten about. My 2 supposed best friends didnt even send a msg saying happy birthday let alone organise anything.

OP Thank you and happy Birthday! And I'm sorry your friends are so shitty :(
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