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How many of you co-sleep

Answered 2 months ago

  • Sometimes the kids sneak in bed

  • Yes, but didn't plan it

  • Yes, intentionally

  • No


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2 months ago
I did. Wasn't by choice, it was literally survival. Mine was critically ill as a baby, he had a major trauma & he flat out refused to sleep on his own, he wanted his mumma and nothing else would do. If we didn't we both wouldn't have gotten any sleep. Still stubborn 5 years on and still wants his mumma when he wakes at night but at least we have different beds now.

2 months ago
I did with all of mine. All sleep in their own bedrooms no trouble.

2 months ago
Had no plans to with my first, but it was just easier. I was falling asleep doing night feeds and using so many pillows to make sure bub didn't fall that it was better to lay in the bed to feed and everyone had a good night's sleep. Second one just went straight to co sleeping. Did it for about 2-2.5 years each time.

2 months ago
I did when kiddo was little because it was the only way for bubs to sleep. Long time term it created problems getting kiddo into own room and bed so I DO NOT recommend it.