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Does strip-poker actually happen??

Answered 3 days ago

Last night we had two other couples over for a game of cards and some drinks. As it was winding down there were comments about “next time we should make it more interesting” and strip-poker etc.

I actually think it would be fun! We have all been to beaches and getaways together so have seen each other in swimmers - not too much more than this I guess?

Has anyone actually played this in real life or is this the domain of teen movies?!

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3 days ago
It definitely does happen. Typically however everyone puts on a tons of clothing to try and draw out the point of "exposure" haha. It good fun however, people people grab pillows etc to hide constant exposure as that can be a bit distracting lol. It would be more fun if it's spontaneous so no one can prepare with layers upon layers of clothing or the rule "only what you typically wear and accessories & shoes don't count". Men don't wear many so they are at a disadvantage compared with a fully laden lady wearing heaps of jewellery etc.