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Centrelink Help

Answered 2 months ago

So me and my husband have had a really rough few years financially, he got a new job end of August/ start of September and I have reported it to centrelink, I have been over reporting his long term job by about double and always have over reported it. I’m just trying to get us a clean slate next year and I’ll then start over estimating and reporting this new job as well to try and make up for what I wasn’t entitled to over the 3/4 months I didn’t report. But I’m so worried that I will still get in trouble. I feel horrible for doing it, I’m just trying to get us a head a bit. It I have this huge fear I’ll end up in jail :(

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2 months ago
if you've been overpaid they will say you owe them and if you consent recoup some of the debt from tax returns, or if you've been underpaid they'll pay you a lump sum after you lodge tax return.

2 months ago
If you’ve over estimated his income then it’s no issue. Centre link will owe you money at the end of the financial year. Use the calculator in their page to estimate hour much you should be getting.