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African Mango

Answered 1 month ago

Has anyone tried it?
Side effects?

I’m sure all the reviews I’ve looked at are paid ones so I’d really like some honest reviews and opinions please.

My weight is OK however I’ve heard the thermal properties and other benefits are good but not convinced just yet!

Thank you everyone.

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1 month ago
Is this a health or weight loss fad? I've watched my mother try all of them. Mangelstein, green tea powder, special salts, tumeric, if you've heard of it, she's tried it. NONE of them work. Some are dangerous. One put MIL in hospital with gall stones, one put my mother in emergency because it pushed her blood pressure into very dangerous area & she's back on medication for life.

That's why they are fads & not doctor recommended. The only way to lose weight is calorie deficiency & exercise. Sorry, but it's unfortunately the truth. If you're struggling try a dietician.

1 month ago
Thanks. Not after weighloss I’m very healthy and active and count calories etc. anytime I’ve put weight on (usually through pregnancy), I’ve always gone back to 1200 calories and exercise and the weight comes off, create the deficit, basic science. was reading about the benefits of thermal changes, so I guess in answer to your question, health benefits was what I was seeking info on, not weight loss. Thanks for replying.