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What are my rights when it comes to parenting

Answered 27 days ago

My ex and I have 2 children together 5&6 years old. We have been separated since just after my youngest was born. He has been slack to say the least when it comes to providing for them and his reliability. He pays next to nothing to support them financially, is so irresponsible when it comes to pick ups and drop offs as he always late or will just tell me he can’t make it. My husband and I are covering all costs, making all school commitments, anything they need comes from us, he’s brought them home in absolute shocking states.
He lives over an hour away and still wants to see the kids during the week. The kids have to get up so early to go to school from his house - I get called to picked them up from school early as they are tired, or not feeling well. One of them has fallen asleep in class before. He tries to control all our situations - birthdays, Father’s Days, Christmas Day - he takes control and I hardly have them.
We have tried mediation - he doesn’t follow any of the systems we put in place.
What are my rights to deal with this situation as I’m absolutely fed up with asking him to help me out with parenting. And over being used and taken advantage of because I want the best for our kids and he knows I will provide it. Please help!

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27 days ago
get a counsellor involved

1 month ago
Sounds like you need to get court orders. Seek legal advice.

1 month ago
Keep a diary of everything. Get some dirt on him. Get representation. Play hardball and obliterate that motherfucker.