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Why won't my wife believe me when I told her I want to be a woman ?

Answered 15 days ago

I told my wife about my desire to dress as a woman from about our fourth date. Over time I couldn't dress up enough or be girly enough so I began keeping my body hair free, red polish on my toes & clear on my fingers, I let my hair & nails grow & I went out & had my ears pierced & my eyebrows waxed pencil thin & highly arched, I even began wearing a nightgown to bed at night. I repeatedly told my wife that I wanted to start taking female hormones, start living as a woman & try sex with men, her response to me is, " I am just a sissy queer, I don't need to be a woman to be with guy's ". She has since moved me into the spare bedroom & told me she will never give me a divorce, she also told me that she told all of our friends about my wanting to be with men & dressing as a woman. What can I do ? I will try anything.

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15 days ago
What do you mean, she won’t give you a divorce? Can’t you apply for one?

18 days ago
I think its great you feel you want to be yourself! However this is a huge change, your wife wants to be with the man she met and doesnt want to be with a women. I don't think this relationship can go on! It would be a deal breaker for me too