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Cheap recipes for large families?

Answered 20 days ago

I'm after some cheap recipes for a family of 8. Any ideas?

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20 days ago
Rice is definitely king in this house. Veggie bakes. Pasta bakes. There is always a salad on the table at dinner time. We have 6 with 5 eating large adult meals. I do a roast twice a week with loads of veggies. Potato bake. I usually buy a lot of whatever veg is in season. We have breakfast for dinner one night. Anything and everything from recipetineats. Fabulous site and the cooking is top notch with a slider scale to adjust for portions

21 days ago
Spagetti Chicken
Curried Sausages
Beef & Black Bean
Beef Chow Mein
Marinated Chicken wings with potato bake
Sausages with mash & veg
Beef stew
Roasted chicken drumsticks and veg
Spaghetti Jaffles
Pies with chips and veggies
Pizza and garlic bread
Quiche & salad

So many options.
Serve most meals with rice and a loaf of bread and butter on the table.

Make your own snacks, zuccini slice is a huge hit in my house as well and cheese and bacon muffins, jam drop bikkies etc
Also, anything in the slow cooker will always be a hit served with rice or mash potato.
Shop at local markets rather than shopping centres this usually keep shopping lists cheaper.
Cheaper cuts of meats such as chicken wings, drumsticks, beef mince are super versatile and can be used for so many things.

Hope this helps x

22 days ago
I find lots of inspiration from large family youtube channels. Jamerrill Stewart, Jordan Page, Our Tribe of Many, to name a few.

22 days ago
Try this one!