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Stressed about possibly buying a new house. How do you cope with change?

Answered 28 days ago

We built our house 20 years ago. We really like where we live. Very close to family and good friends. Our house has always been the 'drop in' house - which we love. I've brought my babies home to this house, I've been through so much in the past 20 years and this has been my sanctuary and so many good memories, parties and events have happened here. However, we've always dabbled in the idea of getting a place with more land. We've found a place that is hubbys dream property and actually also has a nice house, some really great features (not my dream home, but only needs some cosmetic stuff really) and hubby is getting pretty serious about it. At first I was super keen, but now that it's actually a possible reality I feel stressed and sad. I dont know how to say good bye to my home and have my lifestyle change. It's about 5km from our current house, but it's just not a few houses away from everyone. Other property would mean a great lifestyle for the kids, but I'm so attached to my home. We would probably keep it and rent it, but the idea of seeing it empty and driving out the driveway brings me to tears.

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28 days ago
As someone who has unfortunately has had to rent most of their lives I struggle to understand this. I see change as new & exciting. Moving sux yes but it's also an adventure. Just getting the new house setting it up, making the changes you want to make, all the new projects, I'd be rubbing my hands together. If it's only 5 kms away you'll still see all the same people you did before & if they can't drive 5 kms they're not really your friends anyway. Think of all the possibilities for the place that you couldn't achieve in the older one. Life is an adventure get amongst it.

1 month ago
It doesn't sound like you should move to me - your current place seems to tick all the boxes and being surrounded by good people like friends and family is more important than land in my opinion. Moving is a big, costly exercise so think carefully before you do it I'd say.