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Child support question

Answered 5 days ago

I feel that I’m missing something - my sons father was assessed to pay something like $36 per month as he wasn’t working.
He’s now working so I suggested that he call the child support agency and update his income estimate.
He’s come back saying everything’s fine and it’ll all be worked out at the end of the financial year.
It doesn’t sound like his assessment has increased even though he’s working.
Does this sound right to you?? I’m confused!

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6 days ago
Mine is based off tax returns from the previous year.. Not sure if that helps you, but one year it went from $5000 a year to $12000 year once our returns were lodged.. But I guess if you need money now, maybe you can ring child support and they can ring him to clarify employment?

1 day ago
Thank you
I called CSA to get some clarification and as it turns out, next years assessment will be worked out on this years income.
The problem for me is that he’s often in and out of work so all he has to do is call them after the next assessment has been determined and tell them he’s no longer earning as much as this year and they’ll reduce it for him.
Seems pretty one sided and completely to his benefit. He’s working and earning gosh knows what but he only has to pay $1.21 per day.
I wish it only cost $1.21 per day to raise a child!

5 days ago
It's done at end of financial year

5 days ago
I don’t think he has called them. You should ring them.