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Which school to choose?

Answered 1 month ago

We are having a hard time choosing a school for our child. She is in kindergarten currently at a school we absolutely love. Their philosophy and academics all match up with our wishes. It is a K-12 school so she is set there. The problem.. it’s a 25 minute drive from home and in the afternoon I have to wait 30 minutes in a carline to pick her up on top of the commute. I worry a bit about the extra driving for social activities and after school events once covid is over.

The other option is a good school, but not as good, that is 3 minutes from our house. There are some things that don’t align with us, but nothing that is a deal breaker and it would still be a wonderful school. The problem is that it is K-8 and so we would have to find another school for high school. The only one we like costs more then we can afford (private school in the USA). There is a good chance we’d end up back at the far away school for high school. The problem is by then our child will have made lots of close friends and probably want to go where they go to school (the expensive one), and being the new kid at a really small school is very tough (the far away school is a very small private school).

Thoughts? I made a poll but would love to hear your thought process as well!
  • Go to close school

  • Go to far away school


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1 month ago
The simple truth is - you can't afford it, so it's the closer school. How can you afford extra curricular activities if you can't afford fees? The other truth is that a child's greatest academic weapon is parents who support & encourage them to learn - not the school (official research, not by me!)

Tbh I wouldn't be fretting about high school yet. Who knows where you'll be? Her friends from the closer school will have to go somewhere, too. My kids are in the local public primary school. We've always known they won't go to the public high school because DS is autistic & won't cope. It'll probably be an expensive private school 15 min drive away, also k-12. No way I'm paying that for the first seven years to avoid changing schools. It also gives up time to save & increase our income so two kids there will be affordable.

1 month ago
Sorry, meant to add, research has also shown k-12 isn't necessarily best. There's nothing wrong with it, but it's not going to be detrimental for your kids to experience change.