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Things I wished my Husband noticed

Answered 8 days ago

I wish he noticed that I get up with him in the mornings, so I can make his lunch for work. I wish he noticed that I also do it so I can do a lot of the house work before the kids wake up.

I wish he noticed that I do other bits of housework in between home school (even before Covid-19) and I do that until the kids need lunch, so I make them lunch and then clean it up.

I wish he noticed that if I happen to be watching TV when he gets home, it's always while I'm folding the washing, because I am aware our three year olds toys are out. Even though he asks "Have you been watching TV all day"

I wish he noticed that I miss half of our TV show while I'm making dinner and I only tell him not to pause it because he's tired from work and deserves to sit there and watch it.

I wish he noticed that while I'm getting baths done, pyjamas on and the bedtime ritual done, he's still relaxing.

I wish he noticed that when we go to bed he always chooses what we watch. I wish he noticed how much it hurts that he pushes my hand away if I try and put it on him.

I wish he noticed how I've changed from a woman who used to jump up at the sound of her phone in case it was him, to someone who doesn't care if it is.

I wish he noticed that I used to ask him what time he'll be home because I missed him but now I don't really care.

I wish he noticed that he makes me feel unappreciated, unloved and ugly. I wish he cared that he does.

I wish he would notice when I put myself down.

I wish he would notice that I'm so unhappy.

I wish he would notice that I'm beginning to not care at all, I wish he would notice that the other part of me cares desperately.

I wish I didn't care. I wish I didn't care so much that I'm starting to not care at all.

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8 days ago
I wish you noticed that he is taking advantage of you and you are allowing your self to be treated like awfully. I wish you noticed that you're better than that and I wish you noticed how selfish and entitled your husband is

4 months ago
Maybe he is feeling the same

Maybe he is feeling the same

4 months ago
Men are really thick. SIt him dow and tell him you are unhappy and why. But you have to be diplomatic about it (sad to say) because all his testosterone means he has a much stronger 'fight or flight' response. Anything that seems like an attack will make him automatically fight back or run away, and the information you are telling him will not reach his brain.
You two can turn it around. Unfortunately for all of us, the only person we can make do anything in this world is ourselves, which is you in this case. Try and talk to him, before telling him becomes telling him why you are walking out the door.

5 months ago
Stop doing all the little extras that make his life so easy (like making his lunch). Also, I’ve noticed that if you choose the time they are arriving home to sit down or watch t.v, they will think that is what you do all day. Carve out time for yourself to relax when he is not there to judge you. Look busy when he gets home. Don’t watch your show when he is there and doesn’t bother to pause it. Watch it during the day so you can enjoy it. Spend time with other people, or try to take up a sport or hobby so all of your need for human contact doesn’t have to be fulfilled by him. Maybe get a part time job to pick up your self esteem a bit. Your self worth shouldn’t come from your husband. If you’re dwelling on all this stuff, you have to much time to think about it and need other things to fill your life. I love my husband, but I don’t run to check if I’ve got a message from him.... I’m not super excited for his arrival home..... I have other things to worry about and you should too. If he is pushing your hand away, maybe you are overly clingy and he wants a bit of space. My relationship with my husband improved 100% when I started working again and wasn’t desperate for his attention because I was lonely and obsessing over our relationship and why he didn’t do x,y or z. Your husband can’t be your everything, and unfortunately, he won’t notice all the stuff you do because he sees it as “your job”.

5 months ago
Hugs OP. I feel the same .....