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Nipple piercing

Answered 1 month ago

I have extremely sensitive nipples and love them being touched (I can *almost* come from it!).
I am thinking about having one or both pierced.
So questions for those of you who have had yours pierced: why did you do it and what was the result?
Does it make them more sensitive?
How does it feel when you're wearing clothes or being intimate with yourself or others?
If you have very sensitive nipples, has getting pierced made them too sensitive?
What does does your partner think?
Finally, would you recommend it?

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1 month ago
To be honest, it made them too sensitive for me. Like a little fondle was OK but not like I usually like..... I ended up taking mine out after about a year, more hassle then gain by having them. Always catching on clothes, towels, blankets. Couldn't sleep without a top on for fear of getting it caught cos by jeez does it hurt when it happens.

1 month ago
Love mine and my partner loves it. Great sexually. Mine aren’t as sensitive as yours by the sounds! Go for it