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If you had a traumatic birth and NICU baby

Answered 1 month ago

What are the helpful/useful/comforting things that people said or did while you were recovering and caring for a sick baby. I have no experiences and need to support my friend and her newborn.

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1 month ago
I appreciated friends just listening and simple gestures of help after my son was in the NICU for weeks.

Offer her help with housework or even just watching her baby so she can take a quiet shower/ have a nap. Sometimes just listening and having a coffee together can help.

Don't expect her to want to do a lot as she may be still healing from the birth and her baby might be still recovering. I'd recommend not visiting if you are sick as her baby might be a bit more vulnerable to any bugs at the moment.

1 month ago
Things not to say?
"He/she will get better"
"You'll get through this"
"This is just a rough patch"

Make sure you let her know that her grief, anger and fear is completely okay.