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What’s for dinner??

Answered 4 days ago

I am so bored with the usual rotation

Spag Bol
Stirfry with or without noodles
Curry night
Soup & toasties
Meat & three veg

Give me some ideas...

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4 days ago

5 days ago
I get marinated chicken breast steaks from Aldi. Tonight was lemon and herb, the other night was mango, ginger and kaffir lime. Both times had with peas/corn/carrot from the freezer, and coconut rice (literally rice cooked in the rice cooker, then stirred through some coconut cream).

5 days ago
I used to pack those marinaded chicken breasts you buy at aldi :) way too much time spent in chicken packing makes me avoid pre marinaded chicken unfortunately.

5 days ago
I'm currently experimenting with casseroles. Tonights one will be broccoli and cheese casserole. Basically, pasta, super soft rice, cheese sauce, broccoli, and cheese. With chilli flakes to taste. Baked in the oven until golden brown.

We had chowder last night. It was not to my taste but I don't like seafood so thats expected really.
Chilli, assorted meat stew, jerk chicken with dirty rice and beans, bbq EVERYTHING (buy a charcoal bbq, it's absolutely worth it), pasta carbonara, chicken soup with dumplings, smoked ribs/chicken/pork (again, buy the Weber, they're amazing!), pancake dinner, Caesar salad, Israeli cous cous salad, burgers, meatloaf, wings and beer food, homemade pie, savoury mince, toasted Reubens. This is basically my recipe luckydip. We draw it out once a fortnight and shop accordingly.

5 days ago
I love a good oven baked casserole one pot dish. I make my kids rice broccoli and chicken baked in the oven and it comes out like risotto ...
I really need to buy a bbq! My kids won’t eat creamy pasta oddly enough ... they love spicy food though/ jerked chicken sounds amazing!