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My tail bone hurts.

Answered 3 days ago

It’s been really sore for about a year. I never injured it, I just noticed it was sore one day and it never got better. My daughters friend hurt hers and it took a year to heal. Anyone else suffer with this? Did it eventually get better?

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3 days ago
It likely will, but I would be off to the doctor to get an X-ray, just to be sure. The Tailbone is a bone and surrounding soft tissue that isn't constantly used like other bones so it can intermittent with re-occurring pain, it normally gets progressively worse and can cause spinal pain and discomfort sitting in the long term. I obviously had an accident, landed on it, was hardly painful for a few months, bearable, but then one day at work I was lifting something, my back gave way, got the doctors, X-ray etc and they picked up a fracture in my coccyx and upper area too and it was generally not healing because I was unknown to it. Had a month of work, let it heal properly, no lifting and only sitting in certain ways. Kept the pressure off it etc. Pretty much a good now. But I think you should go and get checked by the doctor before heading to a Chiro.

3 days ago
Thanks so much

3 days ago
Visit a chiro, they should be able to help.
I had sore tail bone recently.