30+ Indian Baby Names To Swoon OverStunning Indian Baby Names New Parents Will Love

India has long been a subject of fascination in Western countries, with the cuisine, religion, and even activities (yoga anyone) being actively enjoyed by many of our population.

To many, India is a love affair of incredible tastes, amazing people, stunning cultural heritages, and inclusive religious ideals. So, is it really any surprise that Indian names are also coming into fashion?

Indian Baby Names To Swoon Over | Stay at Home Mum

There are so many Indian names to love that we don’t know if we could pick just one. If an Indian inspired name is on your baby name list, here’s a good place to start.

Amala (F): D

erived from a Sanskrit word meaning “clean, pure”.

Amrita (F):

Comes from the Sanskrit for “immortal”.

Aruna (M):

Means “reddish brown” in Sanskrit.

Bodhi (U):

The bodhi tree was the one the Buddha sat under to gain enlightenment.

Chandra (U):

In Sanskrit this name means “moon”, but it’s actually derived from a word that means “to shine”.

Dev (M):

Comes from the Sanskrit word deva which means “god”.

Devi (F):

From the Sanskrit word devi which means “goddess”.

Essa (F):

Means “desire, wish” in Sanskrit.

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