30+ Indian Baby Names To Swoon OverStunning Indian Baby Names New Parents Will Love

Lakshmi (F):

Means “sign, mark” in Sanskrit, this is also the name of the Hindu goddess of prosperity, good luck and beauty.

Lila (F):

Means “play, amusement” in Sanskrit.

Lochan (M):

This means “the eye” in Sanskrit.

Mala (F):

This is a delightful short name that means “necklace” in Sanskrit.

Indian Baby Names To Swoon Over | Stay at Home Mum

Manu (M):

A short boys name that means “thinking, wise” in Sanskrit.

Maya (F):

Means “illusion” in Sanskrit.

Nala (M):

Derived from a Sanskrit word for “stem”.

Naveen (M):

This name means “new” in Sanskrit.

Nila (F):

Means “dark blue” in Sanskrit.

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