30+ Indian Baby Names To Swoon OverStunning Indian Baby Names New Parents Will Love

Padma (F):

A girls name meaning “lotus”.

Parvati (F):

In Sanskrit this means “daughter of mountains.

Pran (M):

This name means “breath” in Sanskrit.

Prem (M):

Another short name that means “love, affection” in Sanskrit.

Radha (F):

A prosperous name meaning “success”.

Raj (M):

Means “king” or “prince” in Sanskrit.

Indian Baby Names To Swoon Over | Stay at Home Mum
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Rani (F):

Means “queen” in Sanskrit.

Ravi (M):

In Sanskrit this name means “sun”.

Sanjay (M):

A winner’s name, this one means “completely victorious, triumphant”.

Sashi (U):

A traditional name for the moon.

Sona (F):

A stunning short name that means “gold” in Sanskrit.

Tara (F):

This name exists in the West too, but in India it means “star”.

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