40 Baby Names That Have Adorable NicknamesTrixie short for Beatrix!

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Admit it, picking your bub’s official name maybe fun, but it is a serious business.

So serious, you have scanned almost every page in your google search just to find the right name. But what if you first try looking for what nickname you want to call your precious one? That may help trim down your choices.

To help you more, we’ve got the loveliest baby names that have adorable nicknames.

Girls’ Names


This is the feminine form of the Greek name, Alexander, meaning defender of men. She can go by the nicknames Allie, Xandra or Xan.

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It is a Greek name meaning jewel. She can be called Misty.


It comes from the Greek word andrós, meaning, “manly”, but as a girl’s name, Andrea means courageous and womanly. She can be called Drea.


It is a Latin name, derived from ‘orabilis’ meaning, yielding to prayer. Her lovely nickname could be Ari.


It is a Latin name, meaning, bringer of joy. She can go by the nicknames Bea, Bess, or Betty.


It is a Latin name and has the same meaning as Beatrice, bringer of joy. She can be called Trixie.


It is the female form of the male name, Charlot, and of French origin, meaning “free man” or “petite”. Her nickname could be Charlie.


It is a French name, meaning necklace or victorious. She can be called Coco.


It’s Greek meaning is “bright, shining one.” She can go by the nicknames Ella, Elle, Ellie or Nell.


This name from Cornwell can be used for girls or boys. Her nickname could be Winnie.


It is derived from the Roman name Aemilia, meaning “rival”. She can be called either Em or Millie.

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It is a Greek name meaning, good news or bringer of good news. She can go by the nickname Evie.


An English name, meaning “happiness”, it is derived from the Latin word felicitas meaning “luck, good fortune”.  She can be called Flick.


It is derived from the Latin words florens, florentius, meaning, “blossoming”. She can go by the nickname Flora.


It is a Latin name, meaning, ‘free one.’ Her nickname could be Frankie.

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