40 Gorgeous Greek NamesGet Your Greek On!

Australia is home to one of the largest Greek communities in the world, so many families in Australia have Greek cultural or ancestral connections.

If your family is one of these, or you just love Greek people, Greek culture, or Greece as a place, you might be thinking about a Greek name for your bundle of joy. We have a few suggestions for you, on both sides of the gender line.

Girl Names

Let’s start with the girls!

1. Andriana

Female form of the name Andreas, which traces back to the name Andrew.

2. Chara

This is a bright name that means “happiness, joy” in Greek.

3. Despina

A variant on a similarly spelled name meaning “mistress, lady” in Greek.

4. Eleni

A version of Helen, which means “torch”.


5. Gianna

A modern Greek form of Joanna, which traces its roots back to John.

6. Iliana

Female version of Ilias, which in itself is a version of Elijah.

7. Kallisto

This name means “most beautiful” in Greek.

8. Melina

An extension of the name Mel, which probably links to the Greek word for “honey”.

9. Olympia

Female version of Olympos, which is the name for the mountain home of the Greek gods.

10. Rhode

Greek version of Rhoda, which means “rose”.

11. Selene

This name means “moon” in Greek, and is sometimes linked with the goddess Artemis.

12. Sophia

A relatively common name, this is a Greek name as well meaning “wisdom”.

13. Tasia

Short form of Anastasia, which means “resurrection”.

14. Xanthe

This name comes from the Greek word for “yellow” or “fair hair”.

15. Zoe

While also a common name, this actually means “life” in Greek.

Boy Names

If you loved the girl names, wait until you hear these.

16. Angelos

Greek version of Angelus, which means “messenger” and derives from the heavenly creature.

17. Arcadius

Comes from the Ancient Greek name Arkadios, which means “of Arcadia”.

18. Chares

Comes from the Greek word charis, which means “grace, kindness”.


19. Dimitrios

Variant on the name Demetrius, which comes from the Greek goddess Demeter.

20. Dion

Shortened form of Dionysios and other Greek names starting with dios, this means “of Zeus”.

21. Hero

An Ancient Greek name that comes from the name Heron, which also means “hero”.

22. Kyros

Greek form of the name Cyrus, which might mean “young”, “far sighted” or “lord”.

23. Leonidas

Comes from the Greek word for “lion”, this name was made famous by a Spartan king.

24. Markos

Greek form of Marcus, which might be related to the Roman god Mars.

25. Nikolas

A variant of Nicholas, which means “victory of the people”.

26. Petros

Greek version of Peter, a name meaning “stone”.

27. Spiro

This name, also spelt Spyro, which means “spirit”.

28. Theodoros

Original Greek form of Theodore, meaning “gift from God”.

29. Timon

Comes from a Greek word meaning “to honour, to esteem”.

30. Zeno

Derived from the name of the Greek father god Zeus.

Mythical Greek Names

If you want to embrace the rich Greek history, there are an enormous number of mythical Greek names that you might choose to bestow on your children.

31. Apollo (M)

God of music, arts, knowledge, healing, plague, prophecy, poetry, manly beauty and archery. In Greek mythology, he is not the God of the sun.

32. Athena (F)

Godess of wisdom, intelligence, skill, peace, warfare, battle strategy and more.


33. Atlas (M)

A Titan forced to carry the heavens on his shoulders as a punishment from Zeus.

34. Calypso (F)

One of the fresh water nymphs, the name means “to cover” or “to hide”.

35. Delphin (M)

One of the sea deities and leader of the dolphins, he was made a constellation by Poseidon.

36. Electra (F)

One of the Pleiades, Electra means “shining”, “amber”, and “bright”.

37. Harmonia (F)

The goddess of harmony and concord.

via e-rodios
via e-rodios

38. Hermes (M)

The messenger of the gods, Hermes is also the God of boundaries, travel, communication, trade, language, and writing.

39. Nyx (F)

The goddess of night.

40. Pollux (M)

One of the divine twins, Pollux asked Zues to share his immortality when his twin Castor was killed.

40 Gorgeous Greek Names

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