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Italy, the land of love and pizza. What’s not to love about a country with so much to offer, including a truckload of impressive baby names.

40+ Impressive Italian Baby Names | Stay at Home Mum
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Whether you’re of Italian heritage, a lover of the country and it’s culture, or simply enamoured with the many gorgeous names, here are some you should definitely consider adding to your list.

Alfonso (M):

This is the Italian form of a Germaic name that likely means “noble and ready”.

Allegra (F):

This elegant moniker means “cheerful, lively” in Italian.

Arturo (M):

The Italian version of Arthur, which in English means “noble” and “courageous”.

Azzurra (F):

This stunning name means “azure, sky blue” in Italian.

Bernardo (M):

The Italian version of the name Bernard, which means “brave, hardy bear”.

Bruno (M):

Derived from a Germanic name that might mean “armour, protection”.

Carlo (M):

This name is the Italian version of Charles, which might mean “army, warrior”.

Carmen (F):

A name with medieval roots that likely means “song”.

Damiana (F):

Feminine form of Damien, which likely means “to tame”.

Dante (M):

Famed literary figure, this name comes from a Latin name that means “enduring”.

Dario (M):

An Italian form of Darius, a name that means “he possesses” or “richly and kingly”.

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