50 Show-Stopping Spanish Baby NamesSpread Some Spanish Zest For Life

Spanish is one of the world’s fastest growing languages, ranking second in terms of native speakers on a global scale.

All over the world, the Spanish are known for their passion for life and their fiery temperaments, as well as for their gorgeous names.

Whether you have Spanish heritage, or has a love for the language or in one of the many locations where Spanish is spoken, a Spanish baby name might be right for you. Let’s look at a few of our favourites!

Girls’ Names

Let’s start with the ladies!

1. Adriana: The female form of a name that traces its roots back to the name, Hadrian, a Latin place name.

2. Alba: This name has roots in both Latin and Germanic cultures, meaning “white, bright”, “dawn” or “elf”.

3. Araceli: Comes from the Latin meaning “altar of the sky”.

4. Benita: Feminine version of Benito, which comes from Benedict meaning “blessed”.

5. Calista: The female version of Callistus, which actually means “most beautiful”.

6. Carmen: A Medieval Spanish version of the name Carmel, that likely means “song”.

7. Delfina: Spanish form of Delphina, which means “of Delphi” an ancient Greek city.

8. Elena: A variant of Helen, which likely means “torch”.

50 Show-Stopping Spanish Baby Names | Stay at Home Mum

9. Elvira: Spanish form of an ancient name that probably means “all true”.

10. Esmeralda: Means “emerald” in Spanish and Portuguese, this came to fame in the Hunchback of Notre Dame novel, and later film.

11. Florentina: Female version of the rare name, Florentinus, which likely means “prosperous, flourishing”.

12. Isidore: Feminine form of Isidore, which has Egyptian origins.

13. Josefina: Female version of the name Joseph, found in Spain, Portugal and Sweden.

14. Liliana: A Spanish form of Lillian, which might be connected to the lily flower.

15. Maricruz: A contraction of the Spanish names Maria and Cruz.

16. Maxima: This is the Spanish and female form of Maximus, meaning “greatest”.

50 Show-Stopping Spanish Baby Names | Stay at Home Mum

17. Naia: A nice short name that means “wave, sea foam” in Basque.

18. Paloma: This gorgeous name means “dove, pigeon” in Spanish.

19. Reina: Means “queen” in Spanish.

20. Roxana: Likely originated from an ancient Persian name meaning “bright” or “dawn”.

21. Sabela: This is the Galician form of Isabel, which in itself is a variant of Elizabeth.

22. Sol: Means “the sun” in both Spanish and Portuguese.

23. Teodora: Female version of Theodore, meaning “gift from God”

24. Valentina: Female version of Valentine, which means “strong, vigorous, healthy”

25. Zorion: This is actually a unisex name meaning “happiness” in Basque.

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