50 Show-Stopping Spanish Baby NamesSpread Some Spanish Zest For Life

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26. Adán: Spanish variant of Adam, which is the Hebrew word for “man”.

27. Alejandro: The Spanish form of Alexander, that probably means “defending men”.

28. Carlos: A Spanish variant on the name, Charles, which could mean “man” or “army, warrior”.

29. Cruz: Means “cross” in Spanish, and generally refers to the cross of the crucifixion.

30. Darío: A variant on the name, Darius, which is thought to mean “to possess good”.

31. Diego: Likely a shortened form of Santiago, but it could also come from the Greek word for “teaching”.

32. Eduardo: The Spanish and Portuguese version of Edward, meaning “rich guard”.

33. Emiliano: This might come from a Roman family name, meaning “rival”.

50 Show-Stopping Spanish Baby Names | Stay at Home Mum

34. Felipe: A Spanish variation on the name, Philip, which means “friend of horses”.

35. Gaspar: This is a Spanish version of Jasper, meaning “treasurer”.

36. Gil: Spanish and Portuguese version of the name, Giles, meaning “young goat”.

37. Héctor: Catalan version of Hector, meaning “holding fast”.

38. Hugo: A version of Hugh, which probably means “heart, mind, spirit”.

39. Javier: This is the Spanish form of Xavier, but pronounced with a Spanish hah at the front.

40. León: Spanish version of Leon, meaning “lion”.

41. Manu: The short form of Manuel or Emmanuel, meaning “God is with us”.

50 Show-Stopping Spanish Baby Names | Stay at Home Mum

42. Mateo: The Spanish form of Matthew, meaning “gift from Yahweh (God)”.

43. Paco: A very Spanish name, this comes from Francisco meaning “Frenchman”.

44. Pedro: The Spanish and Portuguese version of Peter, likely meaning “stone”.

45. Rafa: Spanish short form of the name, Rafael, meaning “God has healed”.

46. Raúl: A short name, this is the Spanish version of Radulf that, at its root, means “wolf counsel”.

47. Salvador: The Spanish form of the Latin name Salvator which means “saviour”.

48. Tomás: This is a Catalan version of Thomas, likely meaning “twin”.

49: Xavi: A Catalan short version of Xavier, meaning “the new house”.

50. Zeru: A short, sharp name that means “sky” in Basque.

What Spanish names do you like?

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