75 French-Inspired Baby Names You Might LoveBring Some Foreign Elegance And Class To Australia

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French names are charming, classy monikers that might motivate your child to learn a foreign language and travel the world. Or, they’ll spend their whole lives correcting the pronunciation among Australian accents.

If you’ve ever been to France or fallen in love with the elegance of the French people, you might very well be thinking about bringing that influence into your child’s life. Sure, people say the French are rude and their capital city smells, but we’ve never felt that way.



1. Acadia

Not a traditional French name, this comes from a colony in New France, a part of eastern Quebec.

2. Adele/Adèle

You might also be honouring the songstress, but Adele/Adèle is actually a French name meaning ‘noble’.

3. Amali/Amélie

You loved the movie, now keep this gorgeous name alive in your life. Amélie is thought to mean either hard working or industrious, so it’s beautiful and meaningful.

4. Anais

A very different version of the name Anna, Anais is delightfully French, as well as being a classically unusual name.

5. Aurelie

A feminine variation of the latin name Aurelius, which means golden. Perfect for a blonde-haired baby!

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6. Bijou

A wonderful name that flows off the tongue, Bijou means ‘jewel’ and should be pronounced with all the French sass you can muster.

7. Cadeau

Means ‘a gift’ in French, this is a very unusual name, and certainly not one you’ll see in too many places. If you want French and unique, this is it.

8. Celeste

This name is perfect for your little angel, and means ‘heavenly’. It also has a number of French variants including Celestina.

9. Cleo

Short, sweet and oh so French, Cleo means ‘glory’ and originally comes from the powerful moniker Cleopatra.

10. Coralie

The French version of the name Coral, and probably better than the English as it doesn’t rhyme with anything questionable.


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