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So, the Royal Baby is any day away! We have been taking punts on what the Ranga Prince and his Movie Star Wife will call their little crotch-fruit. Here are our tips!

We are tipping for the baby to be a girl – born on Anzac Day – and we think she will be called Victoria Grace.

If their baby is a Little Princess:


Perhaps the most notable person under this name is Queen Victoria, the queen of Britain from 1837 to 1901. Victoria literally means ‘victory’ and is also associated with the Roman Goddess Victoria. It’s a powerful name and there’s no doubt about that as the Queen also believed on that. Queen Victoria’s given name was Alexandrina Victoria, and usually we want to be addressed by our very first name, right? But she chose to be a ‘Victoria’, and should we even ask why?


Grace was derived from the Latin word ‘gratia’, which means ‘favor’ or ‘thanks’. It is one of those virtue names that don’t have any other meanings other than the name itself. There is goodness on this and it’s such a beautiful name to be given to a bub. So genuine.


Elizabeth is a biblical name that means ‘God is an oath’ or ‘God is plenty’. It is the name of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Harry’s grandmother. If ever they choose this name for their bub, it’s wonderful because Queen Elizabeth is known for being the ‘longest-serving British monarch’ after a long time, and who knows, their bub might surpass that.


Alice is a variant of Germanic ‘Adalheidis’, which means ‘noble one’. The name is filled with fine qualities as it is associated with a person who holds strong moral principles and ideals. On the literary side, however, it can be connected to Alice Liddel, the main protagonist in Lewis Carroll’s novel Alice in Wonderland, who is polite, responsible, strong, and has a deep thirst for knowledge.


Mary is the English form of Maria and the most notable person bearing this name is Mary, the mother of Jesus. Mary means ‘sea of sorrow’ and ‘rebellion’. In a more spiritual sense, it means ‘Star of the Sea’, which is the ancient title for the Virgin Mary. It also means ‘beautiful’ in Hebrew. It would be nice to give this name to a bub because of its association with the bible.


To give this name to their bub is a good thing because it would seem like a reincarnation of Princess Diana was done. Princess Diana is the mother of Prince Harry and Prince William who died in a car crash in 1997. She is known for her kindness and openness to give affection to others. Regardless, the name Diana means ‘divine’, ‘luminous’, and ‘perfect’ and is also associated with the Roman Goddess Diana, who is the goddess of the moon.


Alexandra is a girl form of Alexander, which means ‘defend’ and ‘protect’. This is strong name as it is connected with Alexander the Great, who unified the Greek city states and became the king of all Greek nations, and created the largest empire ever existed.


Isobella is a variant of Isabella, which was also derived from the name Elizabeth. It means ‘God is perfection’, ‘God is my oath’, or ‘devoted to God’. If we’re going to consider the ‘Bella’, it is a form of ‘Belle’, which means ‘beautiful’. A bearer of this name is the American author Isobella Jade.

Meghan and Harry's Bub

If their baby is a Little Prince:


Philip is a biblical name that means ‘friend of horses’. But you’re not satisfied with that kind of meaning, are you? The name Philip is connected to King Philip II of Spain, who ruled one of the largest empires in the world during the Golden Age where arts were still flourishing. He was strong, and during his time, Spain was very powerful.


In Arthurian legend, Arthur means ‘noble’ and ‘courageous’. One notable bearer of this name was the mythological King Arthur, the king of Camelot who is known for his loyalty, bravery, and high moral character.


The name James is associated with James VI, who was the first monarch that became the king of Britain. His reign as the king of Scotland and England was also essential because it was the first time both kingdoms had the same monarch. It’s a biblical name that means ‘one who follows’ and ‘supplanter’.


Just like Alexandria, Alexander means ‘defend’ and ‘protect’. It is connected with Alexander the Great, who had been a great and brave king of Macedonia from 336 to 323 B.C. He removed the barriers that divided the Greek city states and made Greece a single state.


Spencer is Princess Diana’s last name. It means ‘house steward’, ‘administrator’, and ‘keeper’. It was originated as a title for a person who disperses food and drinks in a household. Another notable bearer of this name is the Panic! at the Disco’s drummer Spencer Smith.


Frederick is a name that means ‘peace’ and ‘ruler’, or more specifically ‘peaceful ruler’. This name was used by numerous rulers from Prussia, Germany, and Roman Empire, like Frederick II of Prussia who expanded his territories and made Prussia strong and Frederick II of the Roman Empire who was known for his intellectual vigor.


The meaning of the name Albert is ‘bright’, ‘famous’, and ‘noble’. One notable bearer of this name was Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria, whose death made a huge impact to the British monarchy.

Which name do you think is suitable for Meghan and Harry’s bub?

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